Be Careful What You Wish For

From time to time, I get the privileged of sharing my space with another blogger.  Today is one of those days.  Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and talented Chris Fields! 

You’ve heard that one before and you’ve probably been in a situation where it’s been all too real. For years now HR has been lobbying for a higher profile role in the organization. We want to move from the trenches and get into the C-Suite. No longer are we content to ONLY perform the administrative employee relations (not that we were all that content with that in the first place). We want to run with the big dogs.

Awesome, I’m all for it.

Just consider this, if you read or watch the news you’ll notice a lot of the stuff that is happening right now will place HR on the front lines. Let’s take a quick look at the Occupy Movement across the globe right now. You don’t think that has Human Resources stamped all over it? Well let’s see you have people upset about the inequality of pay/compensation structures.

Couple that with the millions of frustrated workers that sees any movement against “the man” as a good way to draw attention their situation. How are we going to get these people back to work? How are we going to tell the CEO that it would be in the organization’s be interest, from a productivity and morale standpoint, not to take that huge salary increase or bonus?

From a political view, we’re in an election year, and the most talked about subject from each candidate is jobs! Because that’s what the people want. Human Resources is going to have to find them, hire them, train them, and pay them.

These are ginormous problems we’re facing. As America recovers and grows, it’s our profession that will be thrust into the forefront. The smart dollars are on those companies that understand the importance of having a fully functional high performance human resources department.

We will have to keep cost down, increase performance, implement new technology, manage the people and recruit top talent. In addition to designing benefit, compensation, and recognition programs that accommodate the vast changing dynamic of the workforce.

Hey, I’m excited and ready for these future challenges, are you?

Chris Fields, MLHR is a currently blogging at His Twitter handle is @new_resource
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