And the hits keep coming…


That’s me, hitting my head on the wall.

I need to set up new service on my Blackberry. So I drive to the mall on a Saturday afternoon to visit the company owned wireless store. Not a franchise, mind you, but an honest-to-goodness dealer. I wait my turn, then let them know what I need, all painstakingly researched online before arriving. Should be a quick transaction and money in their till, right?

“Oh, sorry. I can’t sell you that plan.”


“Yeah, they want you to order that online, so I can’t sell it here.”

But this is a company owned store, right? They get the money either way?

“Well, yeah. But I still can’t help. Sorry.”


So I head home and try to order online. Any the website would be more than happy to set me up! And send me a free phone from a small but high quality selection!

But I have my BB, so no phone for me. Save their money, save the environment, and all that. Except I can’t. No way to order new service without getting a new phone.


So I call them. I let them know who I am, what I need, and that I have done the research and really just need their help getting it set up.

No problem! Happy to help! Have you picked out a new phone? Because we can’t set up a new account without giving you a phone.


There is a happy ending. I did eventually get sent to the activation group (who don’t even have phone to give out!) and they got me set up. And I was eligible for up to 10 lines! Yeah, I just need the one, but in case I ever needed 10, they are ready to help!


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