Albert Pujols Signing

Of course I have an opinion on this one.  I wrote a couple of posts on the topics earlier this year, which I’ve reposted for you.  Here’s my reaction…

In the grand scheme, the Cards win. He wasn’t worth that much money for that many years. They get to walk away gracefully, and they’ve prepared for it with signings over the last couple of years.

Halos win. They get a big splash and a chance to steal the market while the Dodgers are in disarray. In a weak division, they could be dominant short term. Plus the bump while he chases records will keep him valuable for most of the deal.

Pujols is, I think, the loser in the deal. More money, but cost of living will eat it up. Loses his legacy and free pass from the fans and media here. More pressure, more scrutiny, higher expectations. An a media that will tear him apart if he doesn’t produce.

The idea that we was free to go where he wanted is totally true.  The idea that the extra money is worth it is, I think false.  You can’t put a price on reputation and legacy.  There is no reason…not ONE…for him to go other than cash.  No “I wanted to play for my home town” or “I want to play for a contender.”  Straight cash, homey.  And it’s tough to overcome that label once you’ve earned it.  Heck, I know people who still scream unkind things every time Jim Thome comes to bat.  Just saying.

So you lose the right to be a franchise icon when you leave for cash.  And you can’t become a franchise icon when you only came for cash.  You are now a hired gun, and will never be “one of them.”  Ask Roger Clemens about that one.  He was a man without a home long before the legal issues.

Of course, there’s always the benefit of having that kind of money and not caring what anyone thinks. But that’s not what he always told us he was about, is it?  He had every right to sacrifice his legacy and place in Cardinal lore for 30 pieces of silver, which is just what he did.  Best of luck, thanks for the years.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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