A Look Ahead

Hey there!

It’s been a pretty quiet year on the blog, though that doesn’t mean I was idle by any means.  Some of the highlights from 2013 included publishing my first book and a lot of speaking events, including keynoting several state SHRM events and my first overseas engagement.  I was lucky enough to work with friends on some big events, and to have a few grand discussions about changing the world. I was on the road for about half of the year, most of that in the second half.  And I met a ton a new people that helped make the time memorable.

All of that will, of course, put a damper on things like writing.  But this year is, at the moment, not as packed with activities, so I’m hopeful that will lead to more writing and more engagement in projects.  I’m working now on book #2, based on the workplace culture sessions I’ve delivered.  I’m also working on new content that I’ll be exploring in this space over the next few months.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see more of you this year!

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