A Lesson on losing from Election Day

Depending on your outlook, John McCain ran either a very shrewd and “mavericky” campaign, or an underhanded smear campaign (or somewhere in between, I suppose).  But there is no doubt that whatever your feelings on the man and the campaign, he spoke with an honesty and candor last night that is rarely matched in politics.


I am reminded of a very recent posting by Seth Godin on losing.  (He was referring to a customer, but the sentiment is the same…)


It seems to me that this is the perfect opportunity to be a statesman. This is when you earn the right to be seen as a trusted advisor, not a self-interested shill. Two months or two years from now, when you interact with that person or organization again, we'll remember that you were the one who spoke up on behalf of the competition, the one who helped us find a better fit, the clearly disinterested advisor who helped us choose between the two remaining good choices.

Your ego might not enjoy it, but in the long run, your organization will.

(Visit sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2008/10/how-to-lose.html for the rest.  It’s worth the visit.)


It will be interesting to see how his speech impacts the future of his career and the GOP. 

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