Shifting Gears

As we’ve discussed around these parts in the past, I’ve not been writing here as much as I would like.  There’s lot of reasons (none of them terribly good), but I’ve felt like I should be doing more.  With that in mind, I’m excited to share some news with you.

Starting today, I’ll be porting over to a new site, WordsOnTheDL.Com.  (Clever, right?)  The focus will be less on Lean and/or HR, though those topics will still be part of the show.  Shifting over allows me room to move around a bit more mentally, though, and that could take us to some really interesting places.

So after this post, all the new stuff will be over there.  The archives will still be here, though, so you can amuse yourself with old posts as you like.  I hope you’ll come check out the new digs.  There’s been a lot of work by really smart people in putting it together.  I’ve been very vocal in the decisions made, but despite my best efforts, it still looks pretty great.

Coffee’s ready if you are.

#GivingTuesday – A Special Day for #NoKidHungry

  As we come out of the Thanksgiving holiday, it is easy to lose ourselves in the commercial gorging known as Christmas.  It’s the reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (or at the very least, my favorite in the second half of the year).  Christmas is commercial.  Thanksgiving is about feeding the people you love. […]

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It Will Not Stand

“However, I continue to try and I continue, indefatigably, to reach out. There’s no way I can single-handedly save the world or, perhaps, even make a perceptible difference – but how ashamed I would be to let a day pass without making one more effort.” – Isaac Asimov The last month has been an important […]

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Servant Leadership: Dice

After my recent post on the great things being done by people in our space, I decided this is too important of a topic to not continue.  And my promise to you is I won’t ever pimp out a company that I do any business with unless I tell you.  I’m keeping an eye out […]

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In Praise of Single Parents

  In the process of unwinding from my last trip, I indulged in a short marathon of my TV pleasures, including The Walking Dead, The Flash and (germane to this post) Arrow.  Specifically, I had a moment in watching The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak that inspired me to stop watching and write.  In it, […]

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Dubai – City of Glass and Growth

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to visit Dubai this week.  If you’ve never been, it’s worth the flight over.  A beautiful city, built on twin pillars of opulence and arrogance.  Man made islands built from the endless supply of desert sand are home to top end resorts and amazing homes.  Buildings fly […]

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Vendors and Education – Servant Leadership

I wrote a post a while back talking about the infuriating trend of vendors who speak at events and do nothing but sell. It gives others a bad name, and leaves the audience with a bad taste in their collective mouth. It’s not ok, and I maintain that if you ever see it happen, you […]

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The Tao of HR

  I’ve been remiss in writing much around here, but thought if you were looking, you deserved to know I’ve a new post over on HRExaminer.  Go check it out!

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My #HRevolution 2014 Playlist

    The HR Social Media family reunion is upon us once again.  Saturday, Dallas will host the annual love-bomb known as HRevolution.  It’s an event I look forward to every year, never comes soon enough, and is over far too quickly.  A couple of years ago, a threw together a playlist based on session titles […]

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Be The Match at #SHRM14

    SHRM 2104 is officially underway!  First up a quick look at one a great cause, Be The Change.  They are championed by Robin Roberts, today’s keynote, and are helping to identify bone marrow donors and potential matches with those in need.  It’s quick, easy and painless.  Take a look, then come by the […]

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