Be The Match at #SHRM14



SHRM 2104 is officially underway!  First up a quick look at one a great cause, Be The Change.  They are championed by Robin Roberts, today’s keynote, and are helping to identify bone marrow donors and potential matches with those in need.  It’s quick, easy and painless.  Take a look, then come by the booth!



Strike Out Hunger at SHRM 2014

In what has become a much anticipated part of the SHRM Annual conference, the social team is once again taking time out on Sunday to benefit No Kid Hungry, this time hitting the lanes in tribute to The Big Lebowski and, of course, NKH mega-supporter Jeff Bridges. This year, more than 16 million children in America […]

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Tension in the Room

I’ve noticed an odd trend over the last couple of years.  I wanted to share to see if anyone else has seen it, or if it is just me. When you work in HR tech, you straddle the line between two functions.  I find myself in meetings with HR teams or with IT teams, though […]

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Why You Should STFU About SHRM

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.  If you want to be critical of SHRM, if you want to talk at length of how many things they get wrong, but you are not willing to pitch in and make it better?  STFU. There has been a long standing and well documented amount of indifference, […]

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Should Freedom of Speech Go to the Top?

I consider myself browser neutral (as long as it isn’t IE), and spend most of my day with both Firefox and Chrome running.  So news about either of them tends to catch my eye.  So when I see news that Mozilla employees are asking the CEO to step down via Twitter, it gets my attention. […]

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King IPO Disappoints. Here’s the Lesson.

King, who brought us the completely addicting Candy Crush, filed for their IPO yesterday.  It was not what you might call a success.  Day two did not start off better.  How could anyone have seen this coming? King is, at this point, a one-trick pony. Not the kind of thing upon which successful companies are […]

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Michael Sam – What Most People Missed


I’m proud to be a Mizzou fan.  Even getting spanked outplayed outlasted by Auburn in the SEC title game was a pretty great moment.  But the coverage this week of SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year Michael Sam coming out?  Even more so. Yes I’m proud that he’s a Tiger.  And yes I’m proud that […]

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From the Vault: What’s Missing From Diversity

It’s one of the most popular topics in the workplace.  Either you have a lot of resources being put toward diversity (A policy! A program! A diversity officer!) or you think you are already diverse and want to shout it from the rooftops (Metrics! Team photos! Recruiting strategies!).  And that’s great.  I don’t know many […]

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Using Stretch Goals Wisely


In my last post, I talked about how using stretch goals can have a seriously negative effect on your employees.  There’s good news.  It doesn’t have to end like that.  There is at least one way to make them work where they not only aren’t a demotivater, but they can boost your overall morale and […]

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How Stretch Goals Kill Engagement


Stretch goals are great, aren’t they?  Don’t just do enough to get by, do something great!  Aim high!  Change the world!  Be the ball, Danny! I’m a fan of great work.  I’m a fan of goals, metrics, measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.  But I’ve come to believe that stretch goals might be the biggest threat […]

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